Vagina Monologues: ‘heart-wrenching and comedic’

By Sophia Shelton “If your vagina could speak, what would it say?” It would say that Salem College put on the show of a lifetime. Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” was performed at Salem College on Feb. 2-4. It was co-directed by Katie Hilderbrand and Nelly Gomez Amaya with co-fundraising by Karina Gonzalez and Dulce … More Vagina Monologues: ‘heart-wrenching and comedic’

Steel Magnolias: ‘Comedic’ and ‘Entertaining’

By Sophie Shelton and Eva Andrews Photos by Claire Smithers and Ariel Becker As Clairee, played by Sarah Hallett, from “Steel Magnolias” would say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit by me!” Salem College’s Pierrettes presented “Steel Magnolias” from Sept. 29 to Oct. 2. While the cast was small, … More Steel Magnolias: ‘Comedic’ and ‘Entertaining’

Sights and Insights Celebrates Smile Day at Gallery Hop

By Eva Andrews and Kristen Maikoo Photos by Ariel Becker Staff from Salem’s yearbook, Sights and Insights, set up a table at Artworks Gallery on Trade St. during Gallery Hop on Oct. 7 in honor of World Smile Day and National Yearbook Week. Staff members and volunteers handed out disposable cameras. Art professor Kim Varnadoe … More Sights and Insights Celebrates Smile Day at Gallery Hop

Captivating Illustrations Illuminate Poems in ‘Uhaul’

By Shea Bove Illustration by Sara Tolbert from “Uhaul” “Uhaul: A Collection of Lesbian Love Poems,” written by Emily Ramser and illustrated by Sara Tolbert embraces the idea of capturing written words through forms of illustration. With the twelve poems that make up this chapbook, only five illustrations accompany certain poems. As I read through … More Captivating Illustrations Illuminate Poems in ‘Uhaul’

Gallery Hop: Feed Your Starving Artist

By Kadia King Photos by Waceline Cius On the first Friday of each month, Gallery Hop sets Winston-Salem’s art district alight in a blaze of creativity.  At Delurk Gallery, impassioned poets recite their creations to an earnest audience.  Eccentric art pieces dot the walls, giving the gallery an air of inspiration and innovation.  The B … More Gallery Hop: Feed Your Starving Artist

Former Salem Professor Releases Book

By Shea Bove Sheryl Monks, a former professor and alumni of Salem College, will release her book titled “Monsters in Appalachia: Stories” on Nov. 1, 2016. The book will be published through Vandalia Press, a part of West Virginia University Press.    Composed of 15 stories, Monks’ book portrays various characters who battle all that … More Former Salem Professor Releases Book